Month: January 2015

A London Girl in Paris: Part Deux

Our second and final day in Paris came around all too quickly but there was still a little more eating and drinking to do before we bid farewell. After a visit to the Eiffel Tour and walking round in the cold winter sun, we decided to warm ourselves up with a hot chocolate or ‘chocolat chaud’ as the French say. Any true chocolate addict will have heard of Angelina – the world famous patisserie and home to the most luxurious hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Advertisements

A London Girl in Paris

January is always a funny one. Most people are either off the booze, on some crazy diet which usually involves avoiding solids and/or spending all their free time overdoing it at the gym. I, on the other hand, normally hibernate and spend the first month of the year wallowing and generally being a bit of a wet blanket. However, this year I decided I would start the year as I meant to go on and take myself off on a little trip across the channel to one of my favourite cities in the world – Paris.