Month: February 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year (Xin Nian Kuai Le)! Chinese New Year is the most celebrated festival in China and is a time for families and friends to gather together and wish each other a year of good fortune, health, prosperity and happiness. You may have seen the lanterns hanging up in Chinatown – rows and rows of lively displays – the decoration, like the food is rich in spirit, full of colour, vibrant and true to Chinese tradition. Advertisements

Autograf Grill

There’s something about Green Lanes that I find utterly charming and magical. Having lived in the area during my first year in London, it holds a dear place in my heart and I think most North Londoners would share similar sentiments. One of the longest streets in London, it boasts several businesses, restaurants, pubs and bars. One such restaurant is Autograf Grill which is located just a short walk from Haringey Station. The sister restaurant of Autograf, it offers Polish food with a modern twist.

Brunch at Dishoom

I had heard a great deal about Dishoom, the Bombay-style cafe that was taking London by storm, so I decided to book myself in for brunch at the Shoreditch branch to see what all the fuss was about. While the thought of stomaching exotic cuisine encompassing herbs and spices at 10:30am may seem a bit much for some, the fusion style cuisine makes it more than acceptable. In fact, it makes for a downright delicious brunch as I was soon to find out.