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Brunch at Dishoom

I had heard a great deal about Dishoom, the Bombay-style cafe that was taking London by storm, so I decided to book myself in for brunch at the Shoreditch branch to see what all the fuss was about. While the thought of stomaching exotic cuisine encompassing herbs and spices at 10:30am may seem a bit much for some, the fusion style cuisine makes it more than acceptable. In fact, it makes for a downright delicious brunch as I was soon to find out.

Expect to see items on the menu such as naan rolls filled with bacon or sausages, Bombay omlettes, spicy scrambled eggs and cooked breakfasts with an Eastern twist.

I ordered the bacon naan roll which consisted of crispy cured bacon, cream cheese, chilli jam and herbs. The sweet smokiness of the naan bread complimented the bacon perfectly and it made for a truly scrumptious brunch choice. I also ordered some masala beans on the side which were a lot more interesting that your standard baked beans. I accompanied this with a chocolate chai which combined a blend of smooth dark chocolate and aromatic chai flavours.

There was still a lot more I wanted to sample on the menu so will certainly be returning soon.

The bacon naan roll will set you back £5.20 and all of the other items on the brunch menu are around this price ranging up to £11.50 for The Big Bombay (full breakfast).


7 Boundary Street,
E2 7JE



    • Alex says

      Thanks for the kind comments Ramona and hope you’ll be stopping by again!


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