Month: March 2015

A Korean Street Food Feast: On The Bab

Located a convenient 5-minute walk from my door, On The Bab is Old Street’s go-to for Korean street-inspired food. The restaurant is small (around the size of my flat which is cosy at most) so expect to wait a short while before you are seated at busy times. It at least gives you time to peruse the extensive menu. This was my third time at the restaurant but I was keen to try some new dishes so I grabbed three friends (sharing is caring) and worked up an appetite in preparation. While the menu can seem a little confusing at first, my advice is to just go with it and order whatever takes your fancy – you’re not likely to be disappointed. Once seated we started by ordering the popular Korean liquor, Soju. It is similar to vodka in many ways and is served cold and and drunk neat. Once we had a little fire burning in our chests we moved onto the food. Buns I can’t get enough of these buns. We ordered one pork and one …

Sunday Review: Brunch at B&H Buildings

You’ve probably already heard of the Bourne and Hollingsworth Group which brought us the likes of  The Prohibition/Blitz Party. The busy duo behind the events have now moved on to open a restaurant and bar – cue Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings. The recently-opened venue is located in a plush tree-lined area of Clerkenwell, situated just a short walk from Exmouth Market. The building interior is a stunning combination of nostalgic elegance and modern finishes including a grand conservatory, lots of plants and an airy decor.

Sunday Review: The Stag, Hampstead

I will be compiling a series of posts which will follow my journey to find the perfect Sunday lunch. As well as plenty of roast dinners, I will also be featuring some great alternatives which are guaranteed to end the weekend on a high. For my first Sunday review I visited The Stag. Set in a leafy area of Hampstead, it is a well known haunt and recognised for its friendly atmosphere and typical London characteristics. They gather quite a crowd  so it’s worth making a reservation in advance to secure a table.

Sodo Pizza Café

My love for pizza is relatively new-found. I never really ate pizza as a child and when I did it normally came in the form of deep pan and frozen. Throughout university, pizza seemed to be the hangover food of choice as Domino’s reeled all the students in. However, I always felt bloated and sluggish afterwards and saw the process as more of a morning after ritual than an enjoyable meal. So as you see, with pizza, I could take it or leave it and I really didn’t see what the big fuss was about. That was until I moved opposite a Sodo Pizza Café.