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That’s how I roll: Ba Sushi

Arriving in a new city can be daunting.  Not so much the thought of making new friends, adjusting to a new climate and culture, but more that all-important question: where do I  go to eat?!

Thanks to endless information on the internet, OpenRice and local pals, I wasn’t left to starve. I was introduced to Ba Sushi by a friend and it has remained my go-to for a cheap and convenient sushi fix ever since. Located just off Wan Chai Road on Burrows Street, it can take a while to find and admittedly it doesn’t look like much from the front but I often find these are the best places.

Ba Sushi

Once inside, the restaurant is warm and accommodating with a mix of communal and individual seating. The service is really efficient and you can easily spend a couple of hours there as you never feel rushed. You can also see the sushi chefs behind the counter freshly preparing the dishes which are made to order.

The first thing that was ordered was a half portion of thinly sliced sashimi. Words almost failed me when I took my first bite – fresh, cold and deliciously subtle and delicate. I still dream about it now, dipped in a little soy sauce and wasabi, melting on the tip of my tongue.

The tempura vegetables were good but nothing out of the ordinary – light, crispy batter coating a variety of vegetables including peppers, courgettes and carrots.

Sashimi     Vegetable tempura

Next up was the crab salad. Shredded crabsticks and cucumber in a creamy, tangy dressing and topped with crab roe made this an extremely complimentary side dish with added crunch. I especially liked the roe on top and thought it made for a refreshing accompaniment while ploughing my way through plates of sushi.

In my opinion the best sushi dish here is the tempura prawn topped with eel. You have the warm tempura crunch in the middle and the delicate flaky eel on top. The combination works so well and gives instant satisfaction in a single bite. The tempura prawn and avocado roll is also a good choice for those that like a bit of crunch. What’s more, everything just tasted so fresh!

Crab Salad     Eel and prawn sushi

More sushi dishes to be tried are the scallop and crab roe. This one is more for the textures as the silky smooth scallop and the crunchy roe really plays on the senses. My second favourite sushi (after the tempura prawn and eel) is the fried tuna and avocado roll. The salty tuna flakes are beautifully balanced by the creamy avocado slices on top – perfection!

Scallop Sushi Tuna avocado sushi

They also offer lots of noodles and rice dishes. The seafood congee is delicious and comes in a generous portion making it ideal to share. Tenderly cooked seafood in a rice broth topped with herbs makes this a delicious extra dish or a whole meal in itself.

Seafood Congee

The sushi ranges from around $20 – $50 which is very reasonable considering you get at least 4 – 6 pieces per dish. Ba Sushi may not be the fanciest of places, but it’s one of the best sushi restaurants I have tried so far at such a reasonable price. So until further notice, you can find me here working my way through the menu…

Ba Sushi,
14 Burrows Street,
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong


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