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Sweet Review: Lucky Dessert

Dessert shops are on every street corner in Hong Kong which is why I’ll be regularly writing reviews dedicated to all things sweet. The first place I shall review is Lucky Dessert in Tsim Sha Tsui. The culture of going for a late night dessert and catching up with friends over a sweet treat is one that has my full attention.

Lucky Dessert

Mango dumplings, mango ice cream, mango pudding – no prizes for guessing what you can expect at Lucky Dessert. First up was the mango puff rolls which consisted of fleshy mango chunks encased in a crispy roll topped with icing sugar, sesame seeds and melon balls. Not only does it look heavenly but it tastes pretty good too – the crispy roll has a filo-style texture which reminded me of a fruit pie.

Non-mango options included the chocolate fondant pudding. As promised, the middle gives way to a rich, gooey chocolate sauce. It is also served with a large scoop of ice cream placed on top of a mini waffle. This is definately one for those with a sweet tooth.

Mango pancake   Chocolate fondant

The mango coconut roll was the star of the show for me. Large pieces of mango rolled up in a glutinous rice casing and dusted with desiccated coconut. This was extremely comforting and satisfying without being overly sweet. However, saying that the mango jelly and tofu ice cream made for a winning combination and ignited those nostalgic feelings of eating jelly and ice cream as a child.

All the desserts were beautifully presented meaning that I felt momentarily bad about tucking in. The prices ranged from approximately $28 with some reaching around $58 – I would advise going in a group and sharing as many dishes as you can.

Mango roll   Mango jelly and tofu ice cream

Lucky Dessert,
25-31 Carnarvon Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong


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