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Beef & Liberty: Mid Mo Party

You can take the girl out of London but she’ll still sniff out the best burger joint in town. Turns out I didn’t need to look too far – Beef & Liberty is located on Wing Fung Street in the heart of Wan Chai and claims to answer all my hamburger prayers. Priding themselves on quality meat and beer, the restaurant describe their gourmet grass-fed beef patties in sour-dough rolls as the best in Hong Kong.

Their latest event saw them team up with Pizza Express to present a mid Movember party with the promise of free flowing pizza, burgers and drinks. Tickets were $200 and all proceeds were donated to the Movember cause. Thanks to their sponsors, each guest was greeted with a goody bag from Kiehl’s and a $50 voucher to redeem at Beef & Liberty. A good start to the evening.

Beef & Liberty Display   Menu

Spoilt in London by the likes of Honest Burgers and Meat Liquor, I was apprehensive as to what I could expect. Platters of burgers came around at every opportunity and I’m not ashamed to say I tried them all. So here is my verdict:

First up where the fish burgers – battered cod in a soft, warm roll filled with tartar sauce and mushy peas. Absolutely delicious and a little taste of ‘home’.

Fish burgers   Fish burger

Next were the pulled pork and coleslaw burgers. Tender, juicy pork and sweet, smoky flavours made this one an ultimate crowd-pleaser, disappearing very quickly.

Pulled Pork Burger

Then came the beef burgers – patties that were beautifully pink and rare in the middle finished with a slice of tomato – everything a classic burger should be and a sure rival to the ones I’ve tried in the UK.

Beef Burgers   Beef Burger Bites

There was also a vegetarian option in the form of a quinoa burger. While I enjoyed the nutty and spiced flavours, I much preferred the meat and fish options.

Quinoa Burger    Quinoa Burgers

An abundance of wine and music kept the party going even after all the food had been devoured. The burgers were a triumph and I can rest safe in the knowledge that when it comes getting my patty fix, Beef & Liberty have it covered.

Wine   Music

Beef & Liberty,
Star St Precinct,                                            G04 G/F,
2/F 23 Wing Fung Street,                           23 Carmel Road, Stanley Plaza,
Wan Chai,                                                      Stanley,
Hong Kong                                                    Hong Kong



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