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Mong Kok: Street Food by Night

Mong Kok possesses a certain charm that had me seduced from my very first visit. Dazzling lights and advertisements at every street corner, the ability to get lost at each turn, and swarms of people charging at you from all angles. The unmistakable chaos and disorder of the place can leave you with an appetite so it’s a good job there’s an abundance of local street food vendors to cater. From seafood and offal, to deep fried goodies, it’s a great chance to try lots of different new foods for as little as $4.

Mong Kok

Mong Kok 2

Mong Kok Station

You’ll often find Youtiao – a deep fried stick of dough – sold from street vendors and takeaway restaurants. Here they are all stacked up and ready to go.

Mong Kok 6

A typical street food vendor in Mong Kok with fishballs, seafood and vegetables waiting to be cooked. Waffles are also popular and can either be eaten plain or with peanut butter and condensed milk.

Mong Kok 4

Mong Kok 5

Mong Kok 3

Octopus balls being prepared on a hot grill. The process involves constantly turning the balls with little sticks to ensure that they are cooked throughout.

Mong Kok 7

A very traditional Hong Kong street food dish consisting of shumai and rice rolls covered in a sweet and sticky sauce. This was extremely tasty but beware, the rice rolls are really filling!

Mong Kok 9

Mong Kok 10

Mong Kok 11

Mong Kok 12

A display of various skewers including red sausage and offal. I chose the red sausage and squid skewer. These are served cold and covered in a sticky sauce and taste much better than they look. Each vendor has their own signature sauce using special ingredients to try and ward off competition. This particular one had a 5-10 minute queue proving extremely popular!

Mong Kok 13

Mong Kok 14

A large variety of French fries served with a range of toppings and sauces. I opted for French fries with cheddar cheese sauce and deep fried squid balls.

Mong Kok 8

Mong Kok 15

Mong Kok 16

The lemon and lime tea with salted cheese was extremely sweet, and had a cheesecake style cream topping. A bit too syrupy even for my sweet tooth!

Mongkok 17


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