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Winter Warmer: Spicy Chicken Hot Pot

Hong Kong has experienced one its coldest winters of late which has left everyone in need of a little something to take the chill off. And what better way than to try a Sichuan chicken hot pot? A quick search on OpenRice uncovered Chuanpopo -川婆婆 – in Tsim Sha Tsui which offers a variety of hot pots including a ‘Spicy Chicken Dry Pot’.


It took us a few minutes to figure out how to order the hot pot as it’s bit of a two-step process which you’ll read about later on. First you need to select either a half chicken or a whole chicken and then decide how spicy you want it from the options of ‘big spicy, ‘medium spicy’ and ‘small spicy’. I hate to say it, but the ordering system isn’t too far removed from ordering at a Nando’s restaurant. The price is very reasonable with a whole chicken coming in at $248 and half a chicken at $138. While waiting for the hot pot to arrive, you can create your own sauce to accompany the chicken. The pick ‘n’ mix selection means you can combine an assortment of chilli, coriander, garlic, peanut sauce and soy sauce.

Chuanpopo sauce selection   Chuanpopo sauce

The chicken hot pot arrived sizzling in a big iron pot with onions, peppers and coriander. We had to wait a few minutes for the chicken to cook and then it was ready to eat. The chicken was juicy and tender but more importantly packed with fiery spices which was deliciously counteracted by the sweet onion and peppers. So what happens after all the chicken has been eaten?

Chicken Dry Pot

The next step was to fill the iron pot with a rich broth and then order additional items to add just like you would with a traditional Chinese hot pot. We ordered mushrooms and cabbage to make a delicious spicy soup.

Chicken Hot Pot

The spicy chicken hot pot is both a warming and comforting meal and I would definitely visit again. The whole dining process and experience meant that it really was the dish that just kept on giving!

Chuanpopo 川婆婆,
26-36 Prat Avenue,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong


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