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Four Seasons Claypot Rice

While the weather has stayed cool and my appetite is still very much in ‘Winter mode’, I decided to indulge in something hearty and served piping hot. Located just off Temple Street on Arthur Street, Four Seasons Claypot Rice is renowned for its delicious food and is especially popular in the colder months for its honest, no-nonsense approach to dining.

Temple Street   Four Season Claypot

There is always a queue outside so expect to wait around 15 minutes most nights. However, menus are handed out while you wait and you are able to place your order before being seated to ensure a quick turnover for the high demand.  As you’ve probably guessed they specialise in serving steaming pots of rice cooked in clay pots containing a variety of meats, vegetables and seafood.

Claypots   Claypot Kitchen

One thing that I was desperate to try was the oyster pancake. Although I’m not a fan of oysters generally, this deep fried version was incredibly scrumptious and consumed within a couple of minutes.

Deep Fried Oysters

When it came to the claypots we ordered one chicken and one pork both served with Chinese sausage. They also specialise in eel and frog claypots and we opted for the eel. The hot claypots are presented fresh from a stove of burning charcoal and once the lid has been taken off a concoction of flavours awaits. The meat has a steamed effect giving a soft and delicate texture with subtle, fragrant flavours. I would highly recommend the Chinese sausage as it bring a sweet, punchy kick to the dish. The rice is cooked to perfection and lashings of soy should be added to soak through. And the best part? The rice at the very bottom which takes on a wonderful crispy element.

Claypot   Chicken Sausage Claypot

Pork Sausage Rice   Eel Rice

The prices were reasonable enough coming in at between 50-70 HKD a dish. As well as the great food, the bustling atmosphere and all-round local experience is not to be missed.


Four Seasons Claypot Rice,
46-58 Arthur Street,
Yau Ma Tei,
Hong Kong


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